Lucy Muse Naked Person

Lucy Muse Naked Person

2 Seasons

Lucy Muse Naked Person
  • ME
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    What does it mean to be a NAKED PERSON? In this first episode of NAKED PERSON, Lucy opens up her naked world and expresses what it means to her and how she goes about enjoying a NAKED LIFESTYLE and how she ended up heading in this NUDE direction in the first place. A fun preview of Lucy's naked l...


    Episode 2

    Full of the joys of a NAKED LIFESTYLE, Lucy will undoubtedly convince you that being naked will transform the dreariest of your daily tasks. Not convinced? Well WATCH this latest episode of NAKED PERSON. It's a convincing case for going clothes free for sure!

  • REAL
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    REAL sees Lucy share the REAL her. Ever wondered what Lucy does when she's not modelling, want to find out some of Lucy's real secrets and see Lucy au naturel? Then this is the film for you. An honest, untapped, down to earth preview of Lucy's REAL off-duty self.


    Episode 4

    How do you ACCESSORISE as a NAKED PERSON? What makes us stand out from the crowd and how can we define ourselves when we are all inevitably just naked bodies underneath? Lucy explores her NAKED state and how we all might accessorise ourselves while NUDE, in this open, honest and fun film.

  • TIME
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Sometimes there's juts no TIME to get naked, so what to do when there's limited opportunity to enjoy that passion for living a NAKED LIFESTYLE? Lucy explores how best to make the most of our NAKED TIME and looks at some inventive and TIME friendly but fun ways of getting NUDE.


    Episode 6

    Lucy investigates whether being NAKED is a big deal. Can being clothes free be NORMAL. Is it something that works for us all? Watch to find out more....

    PLEASE NOTE that this film is a documentary about naked lifestyle and body positivity and NOT a sexually motivated venture. Please consider thi...


    Episode 7