Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

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Our Daily Bread
  • 01/12/21 - FESTIVE

    Join Elly and Lucy for an early festive update from the team!

  • 30/11/21 - COFFEE WITH LAURA

    We are hoping to involve Laura in more of our content. Join Lucy and Laura as they catch up for a chat!

  • 28/11/21 - VINTAGE SHOOT

    Join Lucy and Elly who are dressed in vintage attire complete with seamed stocking for a vintage fashion photoshoot!

  • 25/11/21 - COMMENTS TIME

    Lucy is here to say a great big thank you to all of our subscribers on TMTV and walks you through the comments facility on our channel. So take a look and get commenting and Lucy herself will reply!

  • 21/11/21 - SUNDAY PLAYLIST

    Looking for a playlist to your Sunday? Look no further as Lucy takes a creative outing and discusses her inspirational weekend soundtrack!

    You can find the mentioned THOMAS & MUSE playlist ' THOMAS & MUSE - TOP TRACKS ' here! - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2NCAVvGmfOjqxY4fWN17EV?si=dfd08fab...

  • 18/11/21 - SOME FUN

  • 15/11/21 - BLABBER

    In this episode of OUR DAILY BREAD, Lucy and Ben chat to body positive friend LAURA post LUCY MUSE & FRIENDS shoot!

  • 10/11/21 - LET'S ROKK

    We take a look behind the scenes of LUCY MUSE & FRIENDS as we introduce model ROKKY HORROR - FT Ben, Lucy and Rokky!

  • 31/10/21 - SPOOKY STUFF

    It's Halloween at BEN'S HOUSE and Lucy and Elly are getting into the spirit by indulging in a bit of fancy dress!

  • 30/10/21 - HEARTY BREAKFAST

    In this episode of OUR DAILY BREAD, the team are joined by Elly and Lucy's REAL SISTER LUNA FAE and enjoy a HEARTY BREAKFAST of bacon sarnies and strong coffee, in preparation for shooting the very first episode of the NEW SERIES of LUCY MUSE & FRIENDS!

  • 23/10/21 - GOING LIVE

    NEWS! READ ALL ABOUT IT!....YES!!!! This is going to happen - we will be GOING LIVE (from BEN'S HOUSE) and we can't contain our excitement! We will be spending the next few weeks getting to grips with the technology and then there's no stopping us!

  • 19/10/21 - THAT'S A WRAP

    The full Thomas & Muse team are here to tell you all about their latest musical offerings and exciting album news! So check it out to find out about what we've been up to!

  • 06/10/21 - FLOORED

  • 03/10/21 - SOGGY RAINE

    Ever optimistic Elly Raine, is determined to bring some cheer to the soggy outdoors. Pilfering Lucy's Rainbow brolly, she heads outdoors in the pouring rain to see what the day has in store!

  • 30/09/21 - ELLY SPILLS

    Catch all the latest from team member ELLY RAINE who tells us all about all the new THOMAS & MUSE TV updates and exciting things to come too!

  • 26/09/21 - NAKED PASTA

    Lucy and Elly have a shared passion for a naked lifestyle. This time Elly gets behind the camera as she attempts to pick up a few culinary skills while sharing progress at muse HQ.

  • 23/09/2021 - MASH

    Elly is at her mum's place doing her daughterly thing. Next on the agenda, home cooked meals. Elly envisages gourmet meals... what follows is more of a home comfort mash up!

  • 19/09/2021 - UNWELL

  • 16/09/21 - PEACE AND QUIET

  • 10/09/21 - PET NAT

  • 06/09/21 - WHISK

    Ben and Lucy get into the swing of things at Muse HQ as work continues and Ben finds rhythm in the most unlikely of objects!

  • 27/08/21 - HORSE RIDING

    What could Ben possibly be doing up so high? 'horse riding' of course! Lucy investigates, having mixed her mortar for some much needed wall pointing. Elly, bemused, looks on!

  • 26/08/21 - BIG BOARD

    The team do some DIY, making some window sills for MUSE HQ. But first they need a BIG BOARD. Lucy does her best to cheer on the team and 'helps' them with the tough manual labour!

  • 24/08/21 - ELLY HAIR

    Ben is behind the camera, Elly is left home alone in charge of Muse HQ, expect laughter and tears!